QUECO is a brand of Decrust Ltd.
Decrust Ltd is a young, flexible and prosperous company that produces household care products. The company was founded in Poland in 2010.
The company's products are presented in the markets of Poland, Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Ukraine.
Decrust Ltd performs the full scope of work in creation of the product, from development to production. Having its own laboratories, the company carries out scientific researches. Long-term cooperation as a strategic partner with global international corporations in development of technologies and new products ensures the highest efficiency and product quality.
Each product is tested to meet EU standards. Numerous certificates confirm that Decrust Ltd creates products that people can fully trust.
Decrust Ltd is an expert in the field of quality, economical production, saving of natural resources and development of a new generation of cleaning products.
In 2018 Dolphi-Ukraine LLC received an exclusive contract with Decrust Ltd for the distribution of TM Queco in Ukraine.

The ecological quality of QUECO products is confirmed by numerous certificates. All products were tested successfully for contact allergies in independent research laboratories in Europe.

QUECO products do not contain borates (BORATES), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), bleach (OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS), substances with very high hazards (SVHC), phosphates (PHOSPHATES).

The mission of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Living Planet" is development of ecological democracy, improvement of the environment and quality of life in Ukraine.
Information about eco-certification TM Queco in Ukraine.

J.S. Hamilton Poland is a wide range of accredited laboratory tests of food, cosmetics and household goods, pharmaceuticals, packaging and consumer products, liquid and solid fuels, chemicals, and analysis of environmental samples (water, sewage, waste, soil, etc.).

QUECO is a philosophy of a special respect for the environment. Queco formula uses natural surface-active substances (surfactants) of natural origin with a high degree of biodegradability.

Increased safety for the skin due to dermatologically tested formulas. Special components protect skin on hands like gloves during prolonged contact with water.

Unique fragrance compositions do not cause allergic reactions.
The preservatives that are used are harmless for humans.
Responsible attitude to the animal world. The products are not tested on animals.
Ecologically safe and energy-saving production. Minimal impact on the environment.

A package that is used is made of recycled materials.
All products are manufactured according to the European ecological standards Ecolabel, in accordance with the European legislation in the field of chemical products.